The Trustworthy Mental Health Platform.


OPTT platform provides your team with all the tools that you need to build your affordable, modern, smart online mental health clinic.


Mental Health service in Canada is expensive, lengthy and outdated.

We are going to make it:



Using our proprietary evidenced based self-help therapy modules, we are shortening the time a caregiver spends to provide personalized feedback to their clients. And four times more efficient therapy, means 4 times saving in therapy cost for the clients.




Modern & Safe

Use your computer, tablet or mobile, which ever you like, whenever you want, and from wherever you are comfortable. Our intuitive platform is as user-friendly as it gets.Also,OPTT provides a safe, secure and caring environment for the clients to be themselves with comfort of mind. The care-giving team could provide their endless support in this friendly environment.



Big Data in Mental Healthcare is not a meme. The future of effective therapy relies on the use of data to provide evidence-based treatment and intelligent monitoring of patients after the treatment. That's why we equipped the OPTT platform with analytical tools that caregivers need to assist the patients with data-supported therapies.


Clinically Proven

OPTT is designed by the pioneers of online CBT in Canada. Our therapy modules have been developed and perfected over the last 12 years of researches and were validated through more than five clinical trials.


Teams of caregivers from psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and family physician can get involved to coordinate the best inclusive yet personalized care for a client. The best part, the caregiver team could be sitting in the same room or or a thousand kilometer apart. Our platform makes collaboration a breeze.


OPTT constantly collects clinical and behavioral data to help caregivers come up with the best therapy plan and change them when needed.

Built for tomorrow

We are constantly working to make sure OPTT is not only good for today, but also good for tomorrow. After all, our motto is, together we are going to change the future of mental health!


We can't wait to show you OPTT.

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