The affordable, innovative, smart

Mental Health Clinic


Our current Mental Health service in Canada is expensive, lengthy and outdated.

So, we made it:



By using our proprietary evidenced based self-help therapy modules, the caregivers just need to spend 15 minutes to provide personalized feedback to their patients. That means saving times and resources which reduces the costs and lowers the bills.



Mobile, computer, tablet whichever you have. Home, office, park wherever you like. Morning, noon, night whenever you are comfortable. We are committed to providing high-quality mental health care to whoever needs in a convenient stigma-free environment.



Big Data in Mental Healthcare is not a meme. The future of effective therapy relies on the use of data to provide evidence-based treatment and intelligent monitoring of patients after the treatment. That's why we equipped the OPTT platform with analytical tools that caregivers need to assist the patients with data-supported therapies.


OPTT is the pioneer of online CBT in Canada. Our proprietary therapy modules are designed based on 12 years of researches and are validated through more than five clinical trials.

Our vision in OPTT is to utilize innovative technologies to make mental health care more accessible, more efficient and more effective.

The caregiver teams use OPTT platform to communicate and deliver a personalized data-driven collective treatment to the patients.

The patients can go over the assigned self-help therapy modules on any device, any time everywhere.

The clinicians can check the latest status of their clinics online to measure the progress of their patients to enhance their services and improve the outcome of their practice.


We can't wait to show you OPTT.

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